Thursday, January 12, 2012


Fashion is an expression
Which can make a great impression
It's an exclusive style
Just like a unique smile.

It's not just about what you wear

It's not just about the look of your hair
It's not just the brand you choose
Or just about the perfume you use.

It's also about the way you walk

Or the way you talk
It's about the personality as a whole
It's the mirror image of your soul.

It's an identity you create

It's a image with which you relate
It's something of your own
It is the one thing by which you are known.

But Fashion today
Has a very different way
Less clothes and more expense
No beauty in the soul, just all pretense.

But fashion is not just fabrication

Beauty can never be a possession
In simplicity is the splendor
It's in the eyes, so tender.

Fashion can become a great obsession
But it is always your decision
Either you use it to enhance your magnificence
Or let it make you lose your true self is just a second.

Fashion should not be just a fascination

It's should be your own imagination
It's not just about the clothes or shoes
It also about your beliefs and views.

Fashion is not just an illusion

It's more of a vision
Fashion is not an immitation
It's more of a creation
Fashion is not an infatuation
It's more of an innovation
It's not something you can't get
It's a trend that YOU set.

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