Monday, May 23, 2016


I live my life like a smokey paradise,
The haze dilutes the thoughts in my mind.
I search around for a way to rise,
Above all this is the road i find.

I rush through the cold in the dense forest,
The hope keeps me warm and focused.
I close my eyes when my fears are the worst,
I see hands directing me to the road i search.

The breeze runs through my hair,
I stare at the distance in despair.
Too long a road and i am tired,
My imagination lacks to be inspired.

A cold hand touches mine,
I jump in surprise and stare!
Tell me, he says, your deepest scare,
I wish, I say, the path was an easy affair!

The haze dilutes the thoughts in your mind,
You search around but your fears, they bind.
Why don't you close your eyes and try,
Why don't you open your wings and fly?

Monday, March 30, 2015


A dark gloomy day and no light,
A warm fuzzy ray of sunlight.
This feeling I cannot describe,
Touch me like the breeze, I cannot hide.

I see those gentle fingers play those strings,
I lose myself in a pool of whims.
This warmth I cannot describe,
Touch me like the sun, I cannot hide.

I hide beneath layers of protection
You sing to me, you break them open
This weakness I cannot describe,
Touch me with those hands, I  cannot hide.

Those strings tie us in some way
Please stay near me, I pray
Don't complain, don't fight, don't love, don't speak,
But don't leave, just hold my hand
This craving I cannot describe,
Touch my soul, I cannot hide.

Friday, September 20, 2013


The flickering lights passed by
So close to you, moment so precious
The clock was ticking by
Every second was momentous.

An essence, you leave
Like a wave, then recede
Flow away like water
I wish I could hold on better.

I want to spend with you
A life of falling in love every day
Look into those eyes so strange
Wishing for the moment to never change.

I see you walk away
Desire is a strong thing
If I could I would steal you
From the world & take you my way

If only I could do as I feel
Have you next to me would be ideal
The moments of love seemed surreal
Please come back for real
Love is all I need, to heal.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Lights flash around
I see a lot of hustle bustle
Food, people, cash, lots of sound
I am just a traveler

Planes flying high above me
Cars racing by my side
people running to their destinations
Hey, Slow down!

I start on my own, 
Slow and steady, looking around
Once i have my destination known
I figured that even i, rush along!  

An year will be over in a wink
enjoy the pace and the beauty of it
Live the moments and return home
For I am, just a traveler.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Above the sky I travel
As I leave my land behind
Move to a new experience
Of a lifetime

I watch the day I spent
Come to a close
And the sun shine
On the other side of earth

The transition is slow
Time takes its course
A young night turns into
A long, long day.

I sit back in this plane
And watch the night
Turn into the rising sun
Blue sky and all that sunshine

Anxiety takes me over
Excitement is a small word
Wonder how it feels to have
An experience of a lifetime.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Day

My dearest heart,
What do you desire, tell me today?
There is no assurance of another day.

Moments of happiness are weird
They come at once and disappear
Some moments bring sadness and fear
Live with anxiety all the time, oh dear!

A love that touches me
Why fear to let it out?
Why the scare and the doubt?
Why cant you open your eyes and see?

A hand that reaches out to you
Is the one you must hold on to
Such moments of happiness are few
Take a step backwards, but two forward too.

Decide for yourself at this moment
And live each day with that intent
To love dearly and show it all
Don't trap yourself in four walls

Moments of happiness are weird
They come at once and dissappear
My dearest heart, forget the fear
Do what you desire, don't shed a tear
For there is only today so decide your way.
Because, there is nothing like "another day".

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Far Away

There may be days you will feel lonely
Times when you feel it is difficult without me
You may feel that you want to run away
You may feel that you cannot live so faraway.

Tell yourself at such times how I would
That its important for us, you stay where you should
That you aren't so far from me 
It's in your heart where you will find me.

Whenever you may feel low
Close your eyes, think of me
Remember that I'm always with you
I'm always there for you, close beside you.

A tear comes to my eye
My heart screams, but I just let out a sigh
I don't want to let you go
But I know I cannot say so.

I am so used to you, it's crazy!
But i promise you i'l be happy
It will be difficult without you
But i'll spend each day loving you!