Monday, May 23, 2016


I live my life like a smokey paradise,
The haze dilutes the thoughts in my mind.
I search around for a way to rise,
Above all this is the road i find.

I rush through the cold in the dense forest,
The hope keeps me warm and focused.
I close my eyes when my fears are the worst,
I see hands directing me to the road i search.

The breeze runs through my hair,
I stare at the distance in despair.
Too long a road and i am tired,
My imagination lacks to be inspired.

A cold hand touches mine,
I jump in surprise and stare!
Tell me, he says, your deepest scare,
I wish, I say, the path was an easy affair!

The haze dilutes the thoughts in your mind,
You search around but your fears, they bind.
Why don't you close your eyes and try,
Why don't you open your wings and fly?

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