Saturday, January 28, 2012

Far Away

There may be days you will feel lonely
Times when you feel it is difficult without me
You may feel that you want to run away
You may feel that you cannot live so faraway.

Tell yourself at such times how I would
That its important for us, you stay where you should
That you aren't so far from me 
It's in your heart where you will find me.

Whenever you may feel low
Close your eyes, think of me
Remember that I'm always with you
I'm always there for you, close beside you.

A tear comes to my eye
My heart screams, but I just let out a sigh
I don't want to let you go
But I know I cannot say so.

I am so used to you, it's crazy!
But i promise you i'l be happy
It will be difficult without you
But i'll spend each day loving you!

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