Thursday, January 12, 2012


I watch the waves
You stand beside me
I hold your hand
And we walk by the sea.

The full moon night
A beautiful sight
We walk side by side
You stop me and I abide

You make me smile
I forget all my pain
You look into my eyes
And make me go insane!

I try to move away
But you r stronger in every way
And ask for a dance with me

You hold me by the waist
Bring me close to your heart
Back n forth we move
To the peaceful sound of the waves.

You stop with a kiss on my forehead
Go a step backward and kneel
You open your fist and I see the solitaire
You ask humbly,"will you marry me?"

Snap! I wake up and laugh to realize,
That it was all just a dream.
BUT the ring still shines on my hand!
And you, as always, lie right beside me.

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