Thursday, March 5, 2009

Unavoidable Destiny

It was winter season
The wind was blowing fiercely
The water was drawing closer n closer to me
The sun was waving a "goodbye" i could see
The birds in the sky flying high
Were going home saying goodnight
The sky was turning dark
And the stars appeared to be singing a lullaby.

It was getting cold n icy
I was not wearing a sweater and could feel the chilled breeze
The water was chilly
Cold n numb my feet were
As the water ran over,
I looked down in the water
It was flowing with vigor
I saw my reflection
And watched it silently listening to the sound of the waves.

Then i looked at the sky
I began to think of what good i have done and what sin
I thought of my friends and foe
My family n my beloved
I thought of all that i loved
My towel my clothes my hairbrush
Life had given me so much to live for
I didn't want to leave this world
And wished for it to be just a dream very bitter.

But I couldn't have gone through this last stage
With my loved ones around
For the love would be so strong
That it would take me more pain to break it and move along,
I wanted to be alone
That was the best for me I had known
That's the reason it was just me
In that chilling cold with my watery shadow staring at me.

I was ill
My heart was beating but my body was weak
Thinking of all this made me worse
I was depressed, helpless and morose
I did not want to let go
Of the bright morning sun and the night stars above
But I had no choice
I fell to my knees..and the water splashed
I was cold..alone..and weak
I had no time to undo my sins or ask for forgiveness
Or kiss my beloved and hug my mother before I left.

All the visions were becoming bleak
I had now fallen on my back, the pain at its peak
The water was taking me away with every wave
I was lying there in despair
This was my unavoidable destiny
Which was written with great scrutiny
The star's lullaby was soft n sweet
I felt my soul leave my body
I was dying..a tear rolled down my cheek
But in no time it flowed away with the cold water
Its identity lost forever
The same was to happen to me
I let out one last sigh
And with indecipherable desires and unfathomable pain
I closed my eyes n said..goodbye.

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