Friday, January 8, 2010

Heaven or Hell

I'm so lost, torn between the two
My past and my present
Both beaming at me
Searching for a story which is true
I sometimes feel my past, in my present, is living
And as future becomes my present
It turns into past and relives

As, on the bed, I lay
I realize I'm living two lives each day
One is my past which is inevitable
And one is my present which is inescapable

The thumping little heart
Working to pump blood from the very start
The memories dissolved in the blood
Circulate in the body whether u like it or not
As memories pile up
The heart needs to put in a greater effort
But earlier it was not such a treasury
Little understanding and a small memory

From a small beginning to a greater end
From the present to a future
My past I know will haunt me
Till I get rid of it and flee
Runaway to start newly
Where no one knows me
But the blood is still the same
Cold, dreary n lonely

The cycle ends one day
When death is at bay
To make you fall asleep deeply
Either you would enter a world of fantasy
They say it's heaven, a world of ecstasy
Or you would enter a world of tragedy
They say it's hell, a world of misery

It is for us to decide
Either to choose heaven or hell
The past is gone
The present in our hands
And the future is the result of our actions today
We have to be smart to choose
Because both the worlds after death are separated
But in this world both are united.

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